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Machine learning has proved to be greatly beneficial for almost every industry. From retail (Amazon), to entertainment (Netflix) and healthcare (Lively), businesses in all kind of industries are using machine learning to enhance their products and services, but also and most importantly, to increase their profits


Coming from a marketing and business background, I personally find machine learning a game changer. That being said, sometimes its overwhelming to think about all the possibilities that something like predictive analytics or natural language processing has to offer. Just in 5 minutes you could imagine 10 different ways - from big solutions, to small ...

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Are you a Daily Deal company Manager or Operator? if so, we've designed DayWatch specifically for you. 

DayWatch is the ultimate real-time business reporting and decision support tool for Daily Deal companies. Industry reports, analytics, insights, metrics, market penetration, market shares, business performance: every moment, at anytime. All integrated into a web portal.


We retrieve every piece of relevant information for Daily Deal market, obtaining precise data of your business and your competitors.

Minute by Minute:

We retrieve information in real-time. DayWatch shows a live-cast of the market. What is happening right now in ...

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