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Are you a developer working with sentiment analysis, language detection or any kind of text classification? Looking for a text mining toolkit that will help you get better results, top accuracy and best speed performance? Are you a machine learning or natural language processing enthusiast?

If some of your answers to these questions were yes, you should check out MonkeyLearn, a new product we have been working really hard the last few months. 


MonkeyLearn is the next generation text mining toolkit from Tryolabs and our main goal is to make text mining simple for developers. 

With MonkeyLearn you can create ...

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In a previous blog post, I spurred some ideas on why it is meaningless to pretend to achieve 100% accuracy on a classification task, and how one has to establish a baseline and a ceiling and tweak a classifier to work the best it can, knowing the boundaries. Recapitulating what I said before, a classification task involves assigning which out of a set of categories or labels should be assigned to some data, according to some properties of the data. For example, the spam filter your email service provides assigns a spam or no spam status to every email. If ...

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Very often we get people contacting us for projects in which they envision the usage of some Machine Learning (ML) techniques to solve a specific problem they have.

Sometimes these people do not have any automated system and are solving whatever problem they currently have with human labor. In these cases, the mere fact of being able to produce anything that works reasonably well can make a huge difference for them. Imagine, for example, that your company wants you to review 100,000 tweets that make reference to its brand name, because they want to know which customers are not ...

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Are you a Daily Deal company Manager or Operator? if so, we've designed DayWatch specifically for you. 

DayWatch is the ultimate real-time business reporting and decision support tool for Daily Deal companies. Industry reports, analytics, insights, metrics, market penetration, market shares, business performance: every moment, at anytime. All integrated into a web portal.


We retrieve every piece of relevant information for Daily Deal market, obtaining precise data of your business and your competitors.

Minute by Minute:

We retrieve information in real-time. DayWatch shows a live-cast of the market. What is happening right now in ...

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